Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

The university is fully focused on working through the Fall semester and toward the Spring with a focus on the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff. At this time, each campus is operating within their Fall 2020 reopening plans, and are actively implementing their respective Spring 2021 semester plans in accordance with the guidance issued by federal and state public health officials. For plans and updates issued by the campuses, view the links below.?

Remote work
All campuses have adopted a remote-heavy work staffing pattern in line with state and federal guidelines. For updates on President Office employees returning to work:?

Please visit the following sites for campus updates:

UMass Amherst

UMass Amherst recently announced their Spring 2021 Operating Plan, which has a clear focus on health, safety and advancing students’ academic progress toward degree completion. Visit the link for more information on UMass Amherst's Spring 2021 plan.

UMass Boston

UMass Boston plans to continue operating in hybrid fashion, with the majority of courses in remote modality through the Spring 2021 Semester. Visit the link to learn more about UMass Boston's Spring 2021 plan.

UMass Dartmouth

UMass Dartmouth has announced its updated guidelines for Spring 2021. Visit the link for more information on UMass Dartmouth's Spring 2021 plan.

UMass Lowell

After careful consideration and the successful repopulation of the campus this semester, UMass Lowell is planning to reopen in the spring at the scale initially planned for the fall. Visit the link to learn more about UMass Lowell's Spring 2021 plan.

UMass Medical

UMass Medical School has been providing updates on its safety precautions related to COVID-19, as well as highlighting the research and medical engagement they have on the frontlines of the pandemic. Visit the link to learn more about what UMass Medical School has been doing.